Page 18 - Built on Integrity
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Built on integrity

                                                                                                    The original plan for properties
                                                                                                    bought by AW along Blaxland Road,
                                                                                                    Eastwood, on which he built spec
                                                                                                    houses and cottages.

             Going commercial                            Street he’d become sick in the stomach by the
             About 1931–32 Austin won a contract to renovate   time he reached Glebe Island, and he couldn’t start
             a row of terrace houses in Flinders Street,   whistling again until he had at least passed there
             Darlinghurst, which included a house of ill‑repute.   on his way home.
             Award rates did not exist and costing jobs was   Shortly after the Flinders Street job Austin was
             a challenge. Austin lost money on the Flinders   awarded his first contract at Mount St. Margaret’s
             Street job, but the loss was attributable only to   Hospital at Ryde. That was the beginning of a run
             the painting.                               of work at Mount St. Margaret’s which lasted up to at
                This job took a toll on Austin. He remembers   least 1954, the first of a long string of hospital and
             as he approached the city on his way to Flinders   health‑orientated projects for A W Edwards.

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