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Built on integrity

           The original Joinery Shop    Their disappointment at missing Gallipoli was soon   Unfortunately the delivery of Austin to medical
           at the back of Grove Street,   forgotten when the Division joined the Western   aid ended his partnership with Taffy, because such
           Eastwood, 1922.
                                        Front Force in Egypt on 14 January 1916.    a good horse was in high demand and could not
                                            The Light Horse Infantry were engaged in   be reserved till his recovery.
                                        a number of battles between January and August   Austin was moved to different hospitals at
                                        1916 and were heavily involved in the Battle of   Ismailia on the West Bank of the Suez Canal,
                                        Romani, the last ground attack on the Suez Canal   Abbassia in Cairo and the Red Cross British
                                        during the First World War.                 Convalescent Hospital at Montazah, Alexandria.
                                            Corporal Austin Edwards was wounded     He rejoined the 1st Light Horse Infantry at Moascar
                                        during the Battle of Romani on the 4 August 1916.   near Ismailia, and then, spent time at Kantara,
                                        He received a gunshot wound to his left shoulder,   a military base on the eastern side of the Suez
                                        moved to a waiting horse from which he was able   Canal. He was promoted to Corporal at the School
                                        to remount Taffy and escape the advancing Turks.   of Instruction in Port Said.
                                        Austin claimed it was Taffy’s patience which saved   Following the Armistice on November 11 1918,
                                        him, because not only was he under fire when   Austin applied for, and was granted, leave in the
                                        he remounted, but he could only use one arm.   UK. Whilst on leave and “attending” Fairfield

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