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Built on integrity

                                                                              Pics: plans of Karnak
                                                                              Street here and also
                                                                              photo of the joinery
                                                                              workshop at the back of
                                                                              Gove St.

                                                                              (mentioned in

                                                                                                   Original drawings of one of the houses
                                                                                                   AW built in Blaxland Road, Eastwood
                                                                                                   during the 1930s.

                                        Austin bought blocks of land, built brick cottages   too good a job to make money at the prices he
                                        and then lived in them with Peg for a short time   quoted. Peg took an active part in the business
                                        before selling and doing the same thing again.   in the early days. She would spend a lot of time
                                           After building and selling a few in Eastwood,   on the telephone placing orders at night, while
                                        at Lansdowne Street (1927) and Blaxland Road   Austin worked on the jobs during daylight hours.
                                        (1930), he and Peg were able to keep one in Grove   A hard worker and tough boss, Austin was
                                        Street, Eastwood. He built a small workshop at the   fortunate when a life insurance policy of his father’s
                                        back with the standard machinery of a chisel and a saw.  came due and was reinvested at 10% interest.
                                           Some of these early contracts lost money and   Austin’s father offered him the same terms and
                                        nearly finished the business off before Austin got   this overdraft often smoothed out the erratic
                                        started. It was widely considered that Austin did   flow of money which came from building and

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