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                            Team spirit and loyalty

                            A                                           In addition, A W Edwards has a long commitment
                                     W Edwards is one of the few leading,
                                                                        to our Cadet Program, consistently investing
                                     privately-owned construction and
                                     fit‑out businesses in Australia. We are
                                                                        management and directors, including my father, my
                            a fourth generation family business. My grandfather,   time, training and money in it. Many of our senior
                            Austin William (AW as he was always known),   brother Malcolm and myself, have come through
                            started out building spec cottages in Eastwood   this process. It’s a proud part of our culture to
                            in 1921 supported from these early days by one   nurture and develop young people.
                            of his brothers, Silas. Both AW and Silas played   A W Edwards has a solid reputation for
                            pioneering roles in the Australian building and   quality and performance and a strong balance
                            construction industry. At the time of AW’s death   sheet. Our steady growth, based upon a financially
                            in 1974, he had overseen the rise of A W Edwards   sound approach continues to stand us in good
                            from one‑man band to a leader in the industry.   stead. As my father Stanley once said about pricing
                            AW had the ability to build team spirit and earned   projects, “We don’t need to do it for the practise.”
                            immense loyalty and respect from his workforce.  We are a good team of people to work with
                                Mr A W’s son, Stanley Edwards, who became   and we exhibit the values and ethos of business
                            Managing Director in 1961, steered the Company   as set down by my grandfather, continued by my
                            through its next 4 decades with the support of   father and now my brother, myself and the current
                            key directors and managers. Stan continued the   management team. A W Edwards was built on
                            same philosophies as AW with an emphasis on his   integrity and honesty and a team of good people.
                            employees, rewarding talent and loyalty and seeking   We continue to practise these values every day.
                            out new opportunities without losing focus on the   I hope you enjoy this snapshot of our history.
                            core business of construction. The same principle
                            of doing the right thing by all continued.
                                When Stan retired as Chairman in 2005 he
                            had spent 51 years with the Company. This length
                            of service is not unusual for A W Edwards. At the
                            time of writing 5 other employees could boast over   Bruce Edwards
                            47 years with the company, 30 over 40 years and   April 2014
                            an impressive 116 over 25 years.

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