Celebrating 45 Years of Dedication and Leadership

February, 2024

On Monday, we had the privilege of honouring our CEO, Greg D’Arcy as he marked an incredible milestone of 45 years with AWE!

Greg’s journey began as a first-year cadet in 1979, and since then, he has continuously showcased his outstanding talent and unwavering dedication. Throughout his tenure, he has steadily climbed the ranks, taking on increasingly challenging roles and making invaluable contributions to the successful delivery of many of our landmark projects.

Recognising his exceptional leadership abilities, Greg served as a Company Director from 2010 to 2018. With the acquisition by Bouygues Batiment International in 2018, his expertise and unwavering commitment led to his appointment as A W Edwards’ Chief Executive Officer, where he continues to steer the company’s corporate governance and strategic direction.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Greg on this remarkable achievement and celebrate his incredible 45-year journey. Greg’s passion and his tireless efforts in preserving AWE’s unique culture is inspiring.