New St George Hospital Emergency Department In Gray Street Is Open For Business

October, 2014

The new St George Hospital emergency department in Gray Street, Kogarah, opened for business at 8am yesterday.

And it did not take long to get into full swing.

Director of operations Cath Whitehurst said 19 patients were treated in the first two hours, including seven who arrived by ambulance.

The first adult to receive treatment was Adithep Phaktham from Kogarah who had some concerns following a car accident.

Ms Whitehurst said that the old emergency department on Kensington Street stopped accepting patients at the same time the new department opened, although three patients were still being treated in the old emergency ward and were to be transferred to wards later.

“Transitioning to the new emergency department ran smoothly with emergency department and support staff executing a thorough operational plan for the move,” Ms Whitehurst said.

“The new emergency department will allow for future capacity to manage the growing needs of the population.”

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