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 OUR COLLABORATIVE APPROACH  On all our projects our fundamental objective is to create the greatest possible value for our clients. We have found that

 Throughout A W Edwards history we have maintained traditional values whilst undertaking current state of the art   incorporating value engineering into our design and construction process results in greater added value and reduced
 construction techniques. Our culture is based upon a cooperative “can-do” attitude and is supported by high quality   costs for our clients. Although value engineering often begins as a cost-saving measure, it becomes a valued project
 people working in teams to create solid partnerships with our Clients. We recognise that all our Clients are in effect   management technique that addresses all aspects of the building life-cycle from the initial construction through the
 embarking on a journey when their project commences. We will ensure that our Project Team has a deep understand-  sustainability of sourced materials and the utility efficiency of the final project.
 ing of the many interdependent processes, specialist skills and management inputs that feed into delivering a successful
 project outcome. We strive to make our Client’s experience as seamless as possible by employing a positive, proactive   SAFETY
 approach to all aspects of the project, primarily focusing on time, cost and quality.  We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and other people who
        may interact with our work activities. We strive to continually improve as a company through training and education
 The unique perspective and qualities we will bring to all our projects are derived from the integrity of our founders and     providing a framework for continuous improvement and progressively higher standards of work health and safety for all
 presently the executives and managers of the company. We have a culture of fair dealing, strong technical capability and   our people. At A W Edwards, we have a target to eliminate all High Potential Accidents from our Projects by 2023. We
 focus on delivering success for all stakeholders.  believe that this target can only be achieved if we empower every person on each project, from the Project Director
        through to the Labourers to take a constructive role in promoting improvements in work health and safety practices and
 The majority of projects we undertake are of a complex nature. They are located in live, operational environments and   to be Safety Leaders.
 involve a number of stakeholders. As such we have developed a series of tried and tested processes and procedures to
 ensure construction occurs on time and on budget whilst minimising disruption to all stakeholders.   ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY

 PROJECT DELIVERY SYSTEMS  Protecting the environment is an integral part of our vision of sustainable construction, a commitment that our teams
        convert into meaningful actions. Care and protection of the environment, prevention of pollution, and the continual
 From project inception to completion, we provide construction services for our clients across all forms of delivery   improvement of our environmental performance. We ensure that environmental priorities and practice underpin our
 models including:  business objectives and growth. Our mission is to drive environmental standards across the business through the cultiva-

    Fully Documented Lump Sum (Both tendered and negotiated)  tion of positive attitudes and behaviours which secure forward thinking practice.
    Design and Construction
    Design Finalisation and Construction  A W Edwards is committed to promoting sustainable alternatives and eco-design on each and every one of our projects.
    Project Management (as Head Consultant)  By sharing innovation with our stakeholders, we strive to become a leading player in low carbon construction by 2030.
    Construction Management
    Cost Plus  OUR PEOPLE
    Guaranteed Maximum Price  Our people are our core – currently we have 295 people in the organisation which includes 34 people who have served
        over 25 years. No other construction company has the depth of experienced staff that we do. Our high retention of staff
 DESIGN MANAGEMENT   allows personnel with specific, highly relevant experience to be allocated to your project.  A W Edwards does not special-
 Our involvement in the design phase can add superior and measurable value to your future project. The majority of  ise in any one sector of the market, we deliver projects in all sector categories. This point of difference is that our people
 projects we undertake are under ‘Design and Construct’ contracts. We have specialist experience in this delivery  have extensive tacit knowledge and are widely experienced to deal with all types of construction issues that arise – A W
 method and our in-house technical resources include:  Edwards has a “knowledge bank” second to none.

   Structural Engineers  A W Edwards’ Mid North Coast operations began in 1998, with our Port Macquarie office being established in 2005.
   Design, Services & Commissioning Managers & Coordinators  During the past 23 years our Mid North Coast team has gained a strong position in the market, renowned for their fair
   BIM Managers & Coordinators  dealing, consistency, high quality and dedication.

 The A W Edwards design management processes that will be critical in terms of achievement of project outcomes are:  The Port Macquarie team comprises a cohesive body of technically capable professionals with experience across a range
        of market sectors for an array of public, private, government and institutional clients. Their accumulated knowledge and
   Ensuring design development is undertaken in accordance with Principals project requirements and budget.  concept-to-completion construction expertise will add immense value at every stage of a project. Landmark projects
   Briefing of and consultation with user groups  undertaken by our Port Macquarie team recently include the Manning Hospital Redevelopment, MidCoast Council New
   Management of the documentation and drawing review process  Head Office, Port Macquarie Base Hospital Mental Health Expansion, Armidale Airport Extension, Port Macquarie Air-
   Production of the detail development, tender and cost planning and construction documentation  port Terminal Upgrade and the current Lake Cathie Public School Upgrade project.
   Management of the State Significant Development approval process (if required)
   Design Quality Assurance
   Risk management  PROJECT SHOWCASE

        The following pages feature a selection of projects which showcase our capability and experience in delivering
 Our in-house design management team (of Architects, Engineers and Services Specialists) provides the starting point for  landmark projects across a diverse range of sectors.
 saving our clients’ time and money.
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